Sora - Can buy or not?

In this blog post, I will share more about whether Sora, an upcoming new launch condominium within the Jurong Lake District is worth considering, whether for one stay or investment purposes. Many in the west must have seen or heard about this upcoming condo launch Sora and must have wondered if it was worth buying, and whether it will generate as much hype as J'den managed to.

First off, Sora is actually located along 72-78 Yuan Ching Road and has a 300m wide frontage facing Jurong Lake Gardens. It would most definitely be a nice view to have on your balcony if you purchase the correct stacks, and if you appreciate living beside a National Garden.

We should have also heard of the Jurong Lake District transformation that has appeared in the newspaper fairly frequently, and how Jurong is going to be the new CBD that the government has planned for. This actually means that Sora is in a prime location and one of the rare few newer developments that would be tempting for expats and foreign workers alike, especially if the government’s plans to transform the area into the next CBD.

Do not project, the government actually has plans to further increase the population to an even higher figure of 6.9 million, which would likely be filled by Singapore’s improving economy and transformation into an even bigger business hub.

There also appears to be plans to revitalise the KL-Singapore high-speed rail which will have a terminal in Jurong East. This all points to the potential that properties around this area will continue to appreciate in the near future.

Of course, despite all that, we can also expect that there would be certain pitfalls that you should be wary of before deciding whether to purchase. For example, it is actually more than 10 mins walk to the nearest Lakeside MRT based on google maps. There is also only Lakeside Primary School and Jurong Secondary School that is within 1km of Sora, which might be a concern for parents with younger kids.

All in all, I do still believe that Sora which is primed to be one of the most affordable new launches in 2024 would still be a worthy consideration if you have been looking to invest in the west region given the upcoming transformations in the area. Or perhaps you have always enjoyed living close to nature and would love to stay in the west, this would be an ideal project for you!

If you are still interested to check out the showflat, feel free to take a look at this showflat tour video here or contact me at 92959997 to arrange for an exclusive showflat viewing.