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Sora - Can buy or not?

Have you been considering whether Sora is a good buy or worth checking out? Read on to find out more...
 Sora - Can buy or not?
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Location, Location, Location: Is It Truly the Key to Your Perfect Property?

When it comes to real estate and hunting for your ideal property, there’s a common saying that emphasises the importance of “location, location, location”. But is it truly the most critical factor that you should consider when choosing your property?
Marcus is a very patient agent who is willing to spend time reviewing properties with me, using his experience to ensure that risks are minimised when purchasing my home.
— Mark Boudville
He is definitely an expert when it comes to selling our HDB and upgrading to a condo. Definitely will refer him to my friends/fam if anyone is keen to understand the market better.
— Juntian Sim
When we finally met up, it was an informative session as he explained to me the current market sentiments, pros & cons of selling my HDB and moving vs staying put, and doing a detailed financial analysis while shortlisting potential options I could go into.
—Terence Hiu